Dissemination und Forschung

Dissemination without excellent research is meaningless, 
but excellent research without dissemination is value-less.

Put your results under a spotlight and present them to the public! This will bring benefit to your projects, your team and your organization on mid and long-term. We help to plan your dissemination strategy, to execute it and to prepare your dissemination reports.

Researchers use the term “dissemination“ to describe all their activities for publishing results. In the field of communication dissemination means “to broadcast a message”. Writing a research paper, a dissertation, a textbook, etc. are traditional dissemination activities. Recently, dissemination to the broad public, aiming at an audience without detailed knowledge of the research area, gained significant importance. To be successful in this respect, the content needs to be adapted to the target audience. This makes dissemination a new challenge for researchers and research institutions. 

What is Dissemination?

Why Dissemination?

Papers and talks at conferences aim to document the scientific progress within the scientific community. To become a successful and acknowledged researcher, those publication activities are very important. Professional communication of results to the broad public motivates the team and helps during acquisition of funding and new talents. Additionally, funding bodies nowadays also expect professional dissemination towards the broad public.

The researchers themselves are responsible for publishing their results. They define the activities and effort they want to contribute in a so called dissemination plan. To distribute their message to target groups of laymen, it is useful to cooperate with specialists. For externals it is often easier to detect results that are appropriate to communicate. If several target groups shall be addressed, the dissemination expert acts as communication hub to the public. A strategic execution of the dissemination activities can be executed by externals, the researchers themselves or in a close cooperation. Thus, researchers can be released from annoying sideline tasks and still increase the visibility of their results.

Who performs dissemination?