We support you and your team in all concerns relating to the communication of your research results. All our activities follow a service-orientated approach. Specifically, this means that we define goals and plans with our clients and execute them in a way which minimizes their effort. We work to achieve the desired visibility within the target audience without generating overhead.

Our dissemination services

Dissemination in funded projects:

We take responsibility for all dissemination activities of your research project. Together with the project coordinator we develop a dissemination plan and execute it. On basis of direct communication with the researchers we deliver concrete actions for communication and distribution in cooperation with experts, e.g. journalists, event organizers, web-designer etc. We handle such activities for project partners but also for overall projects. We help during the organization of single events or accompany the project through all phases from proposal development to exploitation after its end.

Consulting and workshops: To sensitize your team and partners for successful dissemination we offer talks and workshops. For funding bodies we offer training workshops and talks with the goal to increase the efficiency of the dissemination activities of their beneficiaries.

Dissemination Scouting: We help you to rate your results. Quite often it happens that the most significant results for a researcher aren’t the most interesting ones for a target group. On the other hand, it happens that results that are efficient to communicate end up in a drawer. In direct contact with your staff we rate your results according their properties for dissemination. By involving an external consultant you can avoid blind spots.

Coordination of research project proposals: We coordinate your consortium during the proposal phase and help you to build up a competitive team for a research proposal. We accompany the team through the application phase and assist during the starting phase of a project to set-up and prepare the team for the upcoming challenges of the project.