The Company: Consultancy for Dissemination

The consultancy was founded 2012 in Graz, Austria with the goal to support clients from the high technology sector in all aspects of dissemination. 

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Manfred Aigner - Experte für Dissemination

The Person: Manfred Aigner

From researcher to "disseminator"

Manfred was active as researcher from 1997 to 2011 at the Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communications (IAIK) at Graz, University of Technology. He started as research assistant, and became senior researcher, team leader and member of the institute board. His research focus was Security in the Internet of Things, Smart Cards and Secure RFID Technology. He holds several patents and published various scientific articles (papers, book chapters, journal papers etc.) on international level.


As group leader of the group „VLSI and Security“ he initiated and coordinated national and international research projects with partners from industry and academy. (FP6. FP7, FIT-IT, FWF etc.). As project coordinator he was also responsible for the dissemination and exploitation aspects of the projects. In addition, he initiated the series of RFID-Sec workshops. Several times per year Manfred supports funding bodies as independent evaluator of research proposals or as external reviewer for running projects. 


After his academic career, Manfred joined NXP semiconductors as product manager. Then, he realized that excellent and useful results of the academic community are barely visible in industry environment. This was the starting point of his motivation to improve the dissemination skills of researchers for better visibility of their results in the broad public.


His extensive experience as researcher and project coordinator helps him to understand the requirements of his clients. He will always cooperate with a huge network of experts from all specific areas of public communication.

You can find more info in the CV.  


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